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Internal Strength Training Programs

Whether you'd like a better way to move your joints, enjoy weightlifting, have a new or old injury, standard physical therapy, and medical models have not been successful in your rehabilitation process - or if living pain-free is your goal- our internal strength training system is designed to improve each of these individually or concurrently with other training programs.

Most people spend their time and effort training to improve their bench press, but little to zero time or effort specifically training to strengthen their joints and connective tissue.

Upper Body Programs

You shouldn't have to wait for something to hurt before realizing it needs work.

Our upper body programs are intended to improve tissue quality, expand range of motion, and increase strength.

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Lower Body Programs

Multifaceted training effects that improve hip joint and knee function by increasing: joint workspace, connective tissue architecture, connective tissue load bearing capacity and muscle fiber recruitment and work capacity. 

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Spine Health Program

The Spine Health Program enables the user with the keys to unlocking one's potential for a long lasting healthier spine. 

Our 12-week program improves the quality of overall spine mobility.

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Joint-Specific Training Library

A space where individuals can utilize hundreds of training videos in a variety of ways. Joint-specific training is performing specific work that changes the physical state of the joint to have increased joint space, improved connective tissue architecture and its ability to bear load, and increased muscular work capacity.

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Personal Consultation

Through a virtual assessment, acquire the essential knowledge that Brian and John will provide, enabling you to change (+) the physical state of your joint. Includes a 55 minute virtual assessment from the comfort of your home and two practitioners performing the assessment and strategizing your case.

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Dave Scholz

Texas Tech University Head Football Strength & Conditioning Coach

“Whenever I have a question regarding orthopedic assessment, joint function, or hypertrophy mechanisms, my first call is to John and Brian. Their wealth of knowledge as clinicians and performance coaches is second to none.  If you are at all lost on how to guide one of your clients or athletes through a sticking point in their training, I would highly recommend you consult with John and Brian.”

Olin Kreutz

Former Football Player for the Chicago Bears & New Orleans Saints

"After playing 14 years in the NFL, finding a way to keep my joints healthy and moving properly became a #1 priority of mine. Working with John on "internal" training has allowed me to only stay moving and feeling good, but also continue my strength training. John has completely transformed my training and kept me in the game."