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Low-Back Pain? You May Have a Joint Workspace Problem

Jun 12, 2024

People don’t know if they have a joint workspace problem because they don’t know of an assessment that provides this information exists. Therefore, individuals will continue to exercise...

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Powerlifters: How to Use Joint-Specific Training and Strength Training Programs Concurrently

Jun 05, 2024

For most lifters, the concept of training their joints may be a novel one, with the focus typically on strength and muscle mass. However, joint-specific training is an emerging concept in the world...

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Leveraging Compensations to Our Advantage: Compensatory patterns can be a great treatment and training strategy.

Jun 05, 2024

If we have ever worked together in any capacity, you know I love using common compensations and relative joint motions as a treatment and training strategy.

The word compensation typically has a...

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Accurate Diagnoses and Comprehensive Treatment Strategies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Jan 15, 2024

I want to point out that a precise diagnosis is essential before embarking on carpal tunnel release surgery, a crucial consideration applicable to all surgical procedures. The potential...

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Sled Talk

Nov 30, 2023

This is a short video discussing a sled variation that is specifically geared towards training the knee joint and rotational forces into the knees. 

We talk about how to set up the...

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Small Workouts

Nov 06, 2023

Small workouts are 15-30 minute compressed workouts that, unlike larger and more intense workouts, can be done every 24 hours or so. Larger workouts should be done every 48-72 hours. 


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Reverse Hyper Set-Up

Oct 26, 2023


  1. Spine Position
    1. The closer to the pelvis, the lower the spinal segment (L4/5) and may be easier from a leverage standpoint.
    2. The higher toward the ribcage the more lumbar segments are loaded...
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3-Day Training Split to Improve Absolute Strength, Speed Strength, and Hypertrophy

Oct 24, 2023

I love training. I love experimenting, exploring, tinkering, and creating. When I program, I imagine being a type of athlete and creating a program that I’d want if I were a particular type...

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Enhance Shoulder Mobility with Sleeper Position Training: Video Guide

Oct 03, 2023

Another one of our go-to training positions we use as practitioners is the sleeper position. This training position is primarily used to train the shoulder in the zone of internal rotation. From...

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Elbow Training for Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow

Oct 02, 2023

The suffix itis, as in arthritis or tendonitis, means inflammation. The prefixes arthro and tendono, give the location of the inflammatory disease. The latter being the tendon and the former in the...

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