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Lower Body Programs

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Learn to train your joints to their optimum performance.
Live, train and do sport like nature intended.

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Addressing areas of the lower body

We do not stretch, but explore. Stretching is a passive process. Actively exploring lower body joint ranges of motion and tissues at length is a learning process. 

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Personal Consultation

Includes a 55 minute virtual assessment from the comfort of your home with Brian and John performing the assessment and strategizing your case.

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Training Subscription

Follow Brian and John on their training journey. Become virtual training partners with two manual therapists for weekly training. 

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What people are saying 

From Brad...

Brian is the best mobility and strength coach I’ve ever worked with.

I’m 48, and had a massive rotator cuff tear at the beginning of this year.  I was told by the surgeon that any reasonable return to function would take at least 12-18 months.

Working with Brian, in person and now remotely due to COVID, has enabled me to beat every benchmark for recovery.  My surgeon said he was shocked by how quickly I’ve regained range of motion and strength, and shared that he hadn’t ever seen such a quick recovery from such a large tear.

Brian’s theoretical and practical knowledge base is incredibly deep, he explains things well, and most importantly, he always ensures that what we are doing is safe.

I’m excited to continue to work with Brian, not just on my shoulder, but on my overall mobility and function.

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