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Each Tuesday, from 12pm-3pm PST, John and Brian will be conducting joint assessments for the shoulder, spine, hips, and many others. Offering feedback and guidance how to proceed towards training goals based off of the results. 

An assessment is a necessary feedback tool that provides an individual information about the changes they may wish to make toward achieving a particular goal. Acquire the essential knowledge that Brian and John will provide, enabling you to change (+) the physical state of your joint with a virtual assessment. Between the two of them, Brian and John have over 30 years experience and a breadth of knowledge with regards to manual therapy, training and teaching. With the aim of affecting the changes you need, in conjunction with your goals and wants, Brian and John will ensure that you are getting the most efficient and effective information to achieve those goals.

Includes a 55 minute virtual assessment from the comfort of your home and two practitioners performing the assessment and strategizing your case.


  • 55 Minute Zoom Consultation with Brian and John
  • Answers to your current goals and needs
  • Discover which A.C.C.E.S. program best fits your current needs. 
  • Schedule a time that's convenient for you.
  • Cost of consult is $250, plus get $50 off your first program purchase.

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What people are saying...

Shelley Aggarwal MD, MS

I've struggled to manage my own chronic pain for many years, until working with Brian. Due to multiple failed conventional approaches, I initially found Brian with the intention of strength training in an effort to live with pain. He was the first person to point how specific body dynamics and resultant compensation were fundamentally contributing to the pain. After working with him, I had the most significant reduction in my pain since it started, 8 years earlier, and this has been a sustained outcome. I am grateful to have met him and cannot thank him enough for our work together. 

Lynne C.

When I started training with Brian, I was experiencing a level of hip pain that was preventing me from walking longer than a few minutes and seemed to be getting worse every day. After only a few manual therapy sessions, my mobility progressed and was able to walk pain-free again. Brian is extremely knowledgeable and has helped me understand what was causing the pain I was feeling and how to prevent it by maintaining joint health throughout my body. Brian has made a huge difference in the quality of my life and I highly recommend his treatment approach.

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