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What is Joint Specific Training?


What is a Joint?

A joint is the connection of two or more bones and the ability for motion to occur relative to one another. The space between these bones is joint workspace, and the connective tissue that encapsulates those bones is known as the joint capsule and is our capsular workspace. Joints are often made up of several other elements of connective tissue which include ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. 

Joints are plastic to training, and joint-specific training will elicit positive multifaceted effects to change the physical state of the joint in ways that increase function, fitness, and health. 

Traditional strength training models broach but don’t discuss trainable biological elements such as joint space, connective tissue architecture, and connective tissue load-bearing capacity, but mainly focus on training at the muscular level. 

 Internal Strength Training 

Using one’s ability to produce small and large amounts of force against resistance to train biological elements and capacities at the joint and connective tissue level. Training is the mechanism that stimulates positive change by performing work.

Joint Specific Training

Joint-specific training is performing specific work that changes the physical state of the joint to have:

 Increased Joint Space

↑ Improved Connective Tissue Architecture + Load Bearing Capacity of Joint Capsule

↑ Increased Muscular Work Capacity


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