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Practicing the 90/90 Training Position

brian's posts Oct 01, 2023

One of our favorite training positions we use as practitioners and in the A.C.C.E.S. training programs is the 90/90 position. One of the reasons we like this training position so much is its simplicity. The 90/90 is done on the ground and can be easily modified to suit most users by using yoga blocks, changing our hand position, or even moving our entire body. 

Despite its simplicity, the 90/90 can still be a bit fickle for people. People don’t think they are doing right by questioning themselves and what they are or are not experiencing. 

Recently, I explained to a client that he needed to just spend time in the 90/90 and just get used to being there without overthinking what he is or isn’t feeling. Simply just be in the 90/90 and see what comes up. 

It is important to just experience the 90/90 and tinker with it so it can suit your needs. Do you need blocks? Do you have to move your back leg to avoid knee pain? Do you cramp? Does your lower back get tired? These are important things to know about yourself so that you can learn about your body and learn to manipulate the training environment that is the 90/90 so you can get the most out of it. Knowing yourself and a better understanding of the 90/90 will help your training be more successful. 

In this video, we wanted to walk you through the 90/90 position. We focus on two main cues that most people get hung up on; the pelvis and the thoracic or rib cage. These two things can be easily managed by active control, hand position, or yoga blocks. 

We recommend using this video as a guide to help you be comfortable not just in the 90/90 but also focusing on these cues and getting better at executing them. 


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