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Reverse Hyper Set-Up


  1. Spine Position
    1. The closer to the pelvis, the lower the spinal segment (L4/5) and may be easier from a leverage standpoint.
    2. The higher toward the ribcage the more lumbar segments are loaded and must be adequately trained to do so whether the hyper is loaded or not.


  1. Arm Position
    1. Good grip
    2. Dependent on arm length
    3. Pull on handles to engage lats and irradiate tension


  1. Spine Motion
    1. The fundamental motion of the spine is flexion and extension.
    2. We want to train these spinal tissues in this fashion, so we want to flex and round our spine as the pendulum swings forward then extend the entire spine as the pendulum goes back and we load the posterior chain in extension.

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