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The Not So "Hidden Potential"

john's posts Oct 05, 2021

Exercise science defines the absolute strength of a muscle as its maximum strength plus the reserve “protected” by the autonomic nervous system which cannot be voluntarily activated (i.e., generated). This definition reveals a gap that exists between how much force can be generated voluntarily and involuntarily. Soviet sport scientists labeled this gap as the hidden potential of a human muscle to generate larger impulses of force, “indicating that human muscles typically have hidden reserves for maximal force production that have NOT been used during voluntary efforts”.

Understand: The nervous system “protects”  joint end ranges of motion from reaching their full potential, just like it “protects” a muscle from reaching its full force generation potential. Mechanisms that function within the nervous system are what “protect” and do not allow the full potential to be displayed of a muscle or joint to be brought into reality.

Due to this discovery in exercise science, we have the scientific knowledge that each individual possesses hidden within themselves, more potential! It is critical for the trainee to possess the knowledge that there is more of him/her that can only be brought into reality through consistent deliberate physical training

It is the sole aim of gain ACCES to provide you this consistent deliberate physical training at the joint level that will elicit effects that introduce these “hidden” reserves into reality, enabling you to acquire access to more of yourself. 

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