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Elbow Joint Training: Start Here


What is the Elbow Joint?

The elbow joint is the space (i.e., joint space) where the arm bone (i.e., humerus) articulates to the forearm bones (i.e., radius and ulna). It is a hinge joint, which means: the forearm bones fit into the upper arm bone, with all three bones plus the space between them encapsulated by connective tissue (i.e., joint capsule). The elbow joint allows for the arm to bend and also rotate, with the fundamental motion being rotation. The elbow joint is surrounded by a group of muscles, and tendons like the supinator and pronator muscles, which moves the joint in rotation.

Understand: The elbow joint consists of the humerus, radius, and ulna, and this joint is trainable.

What is Joint Specific Training? 

Training is the mechanism that stimulates change (+) by performing work.

Joint training is performing specific work that changes the physical state of the joint to have:

 Increased Joint Space

↑ Improved Connective Tissue Architecture + Load Bearing Capacity of Joint Capsule

↑ Increased Muscular Work Capacity  


Understand: Joints are plastic to training, and joint-specific training WILL elicit positive multifaceted effects to change the physical state of the joint in ways that increase: function, fitness, and health


Elbow Joint Training 

The video is from week 107 of our training subscription that targets the elbow joint. Perform this training 1-2x per week. If you enjoyed the positive training effects of this training session, continue the training protocol by signing up for the Total Body Subscription. 

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