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Hip Joint Training: Start Here


What is the Hip Joint?

The hip joint is the space (i.e., joint space) where the thigh bone (i.e., femur) articulates to the pelvis (i.e., acetabulum). It is a ball-and-socket joint, which means: the round head of the thigh bone fits into the socket on the pelvis, with both bones plus the space between them encapsulated by connective tissue (i.e., joint capsule). Ball-and-socket joints allow for a wide range of motion, with the fundamental motion being rotation. The hip joint is surrounded by a group of muscles, and tendons called the rotator cuff of the hip, which moves the joint in rotation.

Understand: The hip joint consists of the femur and acetabulum, and this joint is trainable.

What is Joint Specific Training? 

Training is the mechanism that stimulates change (+) by performing work.

Joint training is performing specific work that changes the physical state of the joint to have:

 Increased Joint Space

↑ Improved Connective Tissue Architecture + Load Bearing Capacity of Joint Capsule

↑ Increased Muscular Work Capacity  


Understand: Joints are plastic to training, and joint-specific training WILL elicit positive multifaceted effects to change the physical state of the joint in ways that increase: function, fitness, and health


Hip Joint Training 

The video is from week 85 of our training subscription that targets the shoulder joint. Perform this training 1-2x per week. If you enjoyed the positive training effects of this training session, continue the training protocol by signing up for the Total Body Subscription

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